Shocking defeat: MP boys’ baseball triumphs over Worthington Christian

Madison-Plains baseball boys in the dugout (photo by Debbie Cress.)

Madison-Plains baseball boys in the dugout (photo by Debbie Cress.)

Sydnee White, Staff Writer

Last Saturday the Madison-Plains boys baseball team had a home game against Worthington Christian. Worthington Christian was an undefeated team, with a record of 14-0. 


Most of the boys on Plains’ baseball team didn’t think they were going to win going into the game. Their record was 5-9 before this game. 


Worthington Christian is in a very competitive league; they are an inner city school and play tough teams, and they still were undefeated. 


Plains’ team beat Worthington Christian in five innings because of the run rule, with a final score of 12-0. The run rule in high school baseball is, if a team gets too far ahead in runs before the seventh inning, they will call the game. 


The boys played a great game together, “We played great defense and hit the ball well, we also had a lot of energy the whole game. We would cheer every time someone did something good,” stated Adyn Gammell. 


The boys kept good energy throughout the game and that is key. Good energy keeps everyone in a good mood and keeps them wanting to play. And good energy against an undefeated team helped these boys. 


Many of the boys were shocked after the game. They were shocked that they had beat an undefeated team. Gammell stated, “I was a little surprised after the game. The team we beat was an undefeated team who is very good.”


After being excited over a shocking win, which no one thought they were going to win, they got to go home and get ready for prom.


These boys had a good day last Saturday, getting to defeat an undefeated team and especially because they used the run rule. And then getting to go to prom with all their friends and have a good time.