Seniors’ last month in high school

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Megan Robinson, Staff Writer

Starting next week, it will be the very last month for seniors attending high school. Graduation and preparing for the real world is coming up fast. 


Many of the seniors are eager to end the school year and get ready for the next chapter of their lives. 


“I’m looking forward to the future and to start a new life for myself,” says Emily Wallner.


“I’m excited but I also don’t want to ‘adult.’ I’ve been relying on my mom for a long time, and the real world seems pretty overwhelming,” Becky Grigsby explains.


Even with everything seeming to settle down since it is the end of the year, it is the complete opposite with seniors. There are still many things to complete.


On Friday, May 7, there will be a senior service project held at the Mount Sterling Community Center. Seniors who attend will plant flowers, weed flower beds, and pick up trash for a couple hours around the town. Afterward, lunch will be provided by Bricker Farms and the students will be able to relax, play some games, and enjoy each other’s company.


Thursday, May 20 is the day of the annual Scholastic Banquet for seniors who are invited. On the same day, three baby pictures are due to Mrs. Groom to put in the slide show of seniors during graduation. 


Unfortunately for everyone, the last day of high school for seniors is Friday, May 21. But, seniors feel ready and feel like they have a second chance to start over.


Serenity Huffman tells us how she feels about growing up:“I’m excited and nervous because it’s a big change, but I’m looking forward to a fresh start.”


On Thursday, May 27, it is the day before the big day. Seniors will dress in their cap and gown, take pictures, and practice for the day that will change their life.

“I’m scared, but I’m ready,” said Sydnee White.


On Friday, May 28, the day that the seniors have been waiting for will be here. Family and friends will gather to celebrate one of the biggest accomplishments they’ve made and will remember this day.


Soon, they will become citizens like everyone else and always reminisce about the wonderful memories. Hopefully their last month of high school will be the best yet.