“Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba the Movie: Mugen Train” Dubbed – Review



Bryanna Dodds, Co-Editor

With a 100% score from Rotten Tomatoes, that’s when you know that a movie is worth watching. 


The movie was also released in both subbed and dubbed, for whichever way the viewer decides to watch. 


This movie’s purpose is to serve as a connection between season one and season two of the series. The movie picks up right up from the end of season one and shows a little bit of the end of the last episode, as a reminder. 


As the name suggests, the whole movie takes place on the Mugen Train, and on that train are Tanjiro Kamdo, Nezuko Kamda, Zenitzu Agatsume, Inosuke Hashaira and the beloved Flame Hashira, Rengoku Kyojuro. 


The movie starts with seeing Kagaya Ubuyashiki walking through a graveyard. Seeing that his health is declining more and more. This scene is a great way to start off the movie because you’re not just thrown into it. This could also be taken as foreshadowing the last few events of the movie. 


Then it’s just the train. It shows part of the last episode in season one, when the trio is trying to get onto the train. Tanjiro, Zenitzu and Inosuke all do manage to get onto the train where they go to find the Flame Hashira. I loved the way that they introduced him. He is seen sitting on one of the sets eating some food, and between every bit he says “tasty.” This goes one for a couple minutes before the trio introduces themselves to the Hashira. 


From there the Flame Hasira, Rengoku, tells them all about what has been happening on the train: people have been going missing and no one knows where they are going. But, you could guess that it is actually a demon that has been taking people and eating them. 


Then moving forward through this two-hour long movie, they have already met the demon that is causing all the problems, Low Moon One. His Demon Art is “dream.” He puts people to sleep with sweet dreams and keeps them in them until they feel that it is safe for them and they slowly lose their life. 


The trio, along with Rengoku, are all put into this trance, sleep state. Their sweet dreams that they have are very sweet and upsetting all at the same time. But, to reduce spoilers, I won’t be talking about them. (you can find clips on Youtube if you really want to know). Tanjiro is the first one to break out of the sleep state and he goes off and tries to find that demon that is causing all the problems. 


Moving on into the movie when Rengoku is fighting the Upper Moon Three demon. This fight is amazing and so well done. We get to see Rengoku’s character and what he stands for.  The fight goes on for a while and we can see how Rengoku fights, along with flame breathing. We also hear the Demon turn Rengoku into a demon so that they can fight together forever. This is a beautiful fight, and it really shows us who these two are. 


Overall, this movie is action packed and we get a lot of background information about all of the characters. Seeing our big trio fight and seeing the power that a Hashria has really makes this movie worth watching. It is also worth watching if you plan on seeing season two. (Season two is said to start airing Fall 2021 in Japan). I would recommend watching this movie after watching season one of “Demon Slayer.”