Pandemic affecting powerlifting


Picture of Morgan Rowe (Photo by Sydnee White)

Sydnee White, Staff Writer

Morgan Rowe is a senior powerlifter at Madison-Plains High School. Powerlifting this year has been different than years before.


Q:How do you feel about the pandemic?


A:I feel that covid is not as people say it is, I think it is real but not as bad as most people are saying that it is. It has changed so many things in everyone’s life, and I am ready for everything to go back to normal. 


Q:Does the pandemic affect any of your classes?


A:The pandemic affects my lifting class the most I’d say; my other classes are affected just because we have to be so many feet apart and have dividers up. 


Q:How does it affect weight lifting?


A:The pandemic affects my weight lifting class because we have to wear masks at all times unless you’re lifting then you can pull it down. We have to clean all the weights and equipment after we get done using it. There are also plastic curtains on the racks to separate sides of the racks. 


Q:Are the meets the same?


A:Meets are not the same anymore. This year we have time slots for when we go and  lift where as last year it was all day and everyone from different teams lifted together. 


Q:Are you able to lift with other people?


A:Whether it’s the boys or girls team we lift together and not with other schools. 


Q:Do all schools go to the meet?


A:Not all schools go because not very many of them have powerlifting teams, there typically schools that are farther away that we lift against.


Q:Are all powerlifters from Madison Plains able to attend? 


A:Yes, all lifters are able to attend the meet but some of them do not come to the meets. 


Q:How do you feel about the way this is affecting lifting?


A:I understand why the precautions are being taken and why everything is being handled the way it is, and it does make me sad we can’t have normal meets and lifting. But I’m also thankful that we still get to lift and get to go to meets. 


Q:Is it hurting the team being able to only lift two days a week during hybrid?


A:Yes, I felt that it did hurt our team because on the 3 days we were not at school not everyone actually did a workout to make sure they kept their muscle and strength. They just relied on the two days we were in class to get the workout in.


Q:Do you have as many meets as last year?


A:We have about the same amount of meets as we usually do, there just at different schools because of space and size of the school. 


Q:Do you wish everything was the way it used to be?


A:Yes, everything was so much easier when covid wasn’t a thing.


Q:Do you have to sanitize everything after each lift? 


A:We typically clean all the weights and equipment at the end of the class after use.