Are proms and graduation going to be allowed?

Are proms and graduation going to be allowed?

Sydnee White, Staff Writer

This pandemic has a lot of people questioning if the 2021 seniors will get a normal prom or graduation. While waiting for DeWine to announce the new Ohio guidelines for proms and graduation, many parents and students are worried they won’t get to have a normal prom or graduation. 


When this pandemic started students didn’t realize that it would last this long, possibly ruining yet another prom and graduation. 


After so much that these seniors have lost this year, not being able to dress up and go to prom, or sit with their classmates and walk across the stage to get your diploma would be an awful way to end their senior year. 


DeWine has given the okay for proms, graduation, and weddings, but schools are still waiting for the guidelines and restrictions to come out. 


There has been talk that some schools are still planning on having a prom, but others are planning something a little different.


The talk at Madison-Plains was that prom was going to be a dinner and a movie. Not many high schoolers want to get all dressed up to go sit and watch a movie.


Graduation is another end of the year activity, which people are unsure that it will be normal. 


Last year’s graduation was not like normal. Kids had scheduled times to walk across stages, different days to walk, only a few people were allowed to come with the seniors, and some kids got a graduation over a computer. 


This year’s senior class is hoping to get a normal graduation and walk with their classmates, get more than four people to come watch, and watch all the seniors get rewarded for all their hard work over the past 12-13 years. 


Hopefully the 2021 seniors get to have all their end of the year activities, even with guidelines, being they couldn’t have anything last year and lost a lot this year.