The Cinderella Project


The “Prom Shop” all set up. (Photo by Emily Wallner.)

Emily Wallner, Staff Writer

Prom can be a very expensive event. From the corsage and boutonnière, to the dresses, shoes, suits, and jewelry. How much have you spent for prom? 

On April 24, 2021, Madison-Plains High School is holding a prom dinner for juniors and seniors at Wren Farm in Mechanicsburg. With the COVID-19 pandemic, things are a little different this year. Since we are in better circumstances than last spring, senior events, like prom, can actually go on. Although things will be far from “normal”, an opportunity to celebrate the students is still appreciated. 

Getting apparel for prom can be a very stressful and costly task. For instance, some girls will spend over $1,000 on a dress, while others cannot afford to spend that much. Also, driving to a different city to a big dress store can be very stressful for some parents and students. 

The Madison-Plains Key Club and FCCLA is hosting The Cinderella Project. This is a “prom shop” for women and men to find their prom gear stress-free and at no cost. The location of the shop is the library of Madison-Plains High School. 

A generous donation was received by The Fairy Godmother’s of Central Ohio of men and women’s wear. This includes dresses, shoes, jewelry, ties, dress shirts, and dress pants of all sizes, colors and styles. Most of these items are gently used and some of them are even brand new with the tags still on! 

To shop, students were sent a form via email, from Mrs. Fletcher, to fill out. They will set up a time and date to come to the school over spring break or the weekend to shop for their items. The Cinderella Project is all confidential through Mrs. Fletcher and no other students will be made aware of which students choose to shop and what items they are given. Along with Mrs. Fletcher, community volunteers will run the shop when students come in. They will easily be able to look for the items they need and get them for free. There will be a try on room to make sure the customers get their ideal fit and perfect prom look! 

The library has been organized with dresses hung up along the wall, shoes and jewelry on tables, the men’s wear on tables, and a couple tables with examples of full outfits. The Key Club set up the library for shoppers. They organized and sorted the dresses by size, made signs, and put all the men’s wear and accessories on tables. Most of the dresses are hung up around the shop. They are organized by size. There are all different sizes from 0 to plus sizes, all colors of the rainbow, and different styles to accommodate the girls. If they do not find what they are looking for, there is a larger selection of dresses in a different room.

The men’s wear section has all different ties, dress shirts, and pants for men of all sizes. If their date is not shopping with The Cinderella Project, they are sure to find something to match. 

The goal of this project is to help students get their prom items in a more accessible way. 

Madison-Plains Key Club states, “We want to help the juniors and seniors have a somewhat normal prom this year without the cost and stress.” 

In conclusion, the Madison-Plains Key Club and FCCLA are giving students an opportunity for easy access to formal attire for this year’s prom. What color did or are you wearing for prom?