Interview: Rachel Weis


Becky Grigsby, Staff Writer

Rachel Weis is an honor roll student who will be graduating this spring. She participates in Madison-Plains Girls golf and plays the oboe in the school’s concert band. She is also a member of the National Honors Society. After high school, she plans to attend Kent State University to study architecture. 


Q: How old are you?


A: I am 17 


Q: Do you have a favorite food?


A: Recently it has been Shrimp Pasta.


Q: What is your favorite color? 


A: Yellow because it reminds me of happier times.


Q: Do you have a hobby?


A: I used to do woodwork but now it’s just painting and drawing.


Q: Do you have a favorite T.V. show?


A: Not really. I prefer movies.


Q: What is your favorite movie series?


A: Anything in the Marvel Comic Universe.


Q: What is your favorite movie from MCU?


A: The first Iron Man movie because I’m basic.


Q: Outdoors or indoors?


A: Outdoors because I find it comfortable. Unless it’s cold.


Q: Do you like to read? If so do you have a favorite book?


A: Yeah. I like the Percy Jackson series. 


Q: Who is your favorite character in the Percy jackson series?


A: Annabeth Chase. She’s such a chad.


Q: What’s your least favorite book?


A: Romeo and Juliet


Q: What’s your opinion on potatoes?


A: Fantastic. Specifically, seasoned pan-fried golden potatoes.


Q: Do you have a favorite fast food?


A: M&M McFlurry from McDonalds.