Spotlight: visitation specialist Breanna Bailey

Spotlight: visitation specialist Breanna Bailey

Hope Richards, Staff Writer

Breanna Bailey works for CPS (Children Protection Services) and she specializes in visitation. A visitation specialist is a person who schedules visitation with parents and children and they also watch over the families during visitation during stage one and somewhat stage two. Here are some things I have asked Miss Bailey…


Q: What made you join children services?


A: “I decided to work in this field because of my desire to help and serve others. I think one of my purposes in life is to be there for people in their most vulnerable time in life. I love working with children and their families, especially all of the kids I’ve had the pleasure of working with, they have a special place in my heart.”


Q: What is your favorite day of the year? Why?


A: “Halloween! I love October and all the things spooky! Plus it’s fun to dress up.”


Q: Why did you choose to be a visitation specialist?


A: “ I decided to work in visitation because I enjoy helping families heal and work to reunify. I love watching families grow, learn and work through past hurts together to become stronger. Seeing families work through the most difficult time in their lives inspires me and there is such a reward when I see families brought together again. I also get paid to spend my days with amazing kids and families like yours!”


Q: Who are your top five people?


A: “My top five people in my life: one, my mom, two, my best friend Spencer, three, my best friend Tiffany, four, my friend Kevin and lastly number five is my rabbit.”


Q: What is your daily routine?


A: “Wake up, shower and do my hair and face for the day, take care of my bunny and then relax for a bit before leaving for work.”


Q: What was your original career plan?


A: “I’ve wanted to be a therapist since I was a teenager. Before that I wanted to be a pediatrician – but that is a bit too much school for me!”


Q: What is your favorite TV show? Why?


A: “ I have so many! TV shows are one of my ways to de-stress. I love anything crime related. Some of my favorite series are Homeland, Sons of Anarchy, Power, Game of Thrones and Wentworth.”


Q: What is your favorite part about your job?


A: “My favorite part of my job is all the amazing and unique kids I get to spend time with. There’s

 never a day at work where I don’t get to laugh, smile and play!”


Q: Cats or dogs?


A: “Cats, but really bunnies!”


Q: Favorite animal outside of a cat or dog.


A: “Bunnies!”


Q: What’s your ideal lazy day?


A: “It’s sunny and warm so I can take a nice long walk. I’d stop for an ice cream maybe or something  sweet, all that walking makes me want sweets, and then I would go home for a relaxing bath and some good shows.”


Q: What is your favorite color?


A: “Purple!”


Q: What are your favorite hobbies?


A: “My favorite hobbies are walking/hiking, shopping, watching good shows and coloring.”


Q: What is something you believe in?


A: “I believe in benevolence. I believe that there is good to be found as long as you are willing to look for it. Seeing good in others and the beauty in the world, I believe you can find something positive almost always in life.”


Q: What superpowers do you want?


A: “I would want the ability to influence people and things around me.”


Q: What are three fun facts about you?


A: “Three fun facts: I’ve never learned how to ride a bike, I can play piano and I have 10 tattoos.”


Q: What’s the biggest heartbreak of your job?


A: “The biggest heartbreak I face in my current role is hearing about the trauma a lot of my child clients have endured. It’s heartbreaking to know so many children have faced so much hurt at such a young age.”


Q: What’s your favorite dinosaur?


A: “Long neck!”


Q: If you got one wish what would it be, why?


A: “I would wish for constant joy- to always have a reason to feel and be joyful. I would wish for this because life is so much easier when you’re happy and the sad bits of life would be more bearable if joy was present during those times too.”


Q: What’s your favorite food?


A: “Anything sweet! And crab rangoons!”


Q: What’s your favorite sweet food?


A: “Oh gosh… all of them! Especially love ice cream though!”


Q: What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?


A: “I took a random road trip to Disney world and used all of my tax refund to take my mom there for a weekend.”


Q: What is your favorite song?


A: “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac