Spring cleaning tips

Photo from blog.currentcatalog.com

Photo from blog.currentcatalog.com

Megan Robinson, Staff Writer

With spring already upon us as of March 20, the weather will start to get warmer and the sun will shine longer. Even though spring has just begun, it is essential that you have a clean space because you deserve a clean environment. 


Think of cleaning as not work, but starting fresh for yourself this season.


Here are some tips to know first when spring cleaning:


  1. Start small, and do one area at a time. Do not overwhelm yourself with a huge task
  2. Go about this in an organized way using checklists, or making a schedule 
  3. Take breaks frequently, if needed, and then begin cleaning again
  4. If you need help, ask friends or family members to clean. You don’t need to do all of it by yourself 
  5. Know that the outcome is worth the effort


Keeping the list above in mind, these are some common areas in your home that typically get cluttered fast and here is how you clean them.


How to clean floors



  1. Get rid of trash, clothes, etc. on the floor
  2. Vacuum 
  3. Use a carpet cleaner to eliminate stains
  4. Wait 4-5 hours to dry


Hardwood floors:

  1. Get rid of trash, clothes, etc. 
  2. Sweep/ vacuum all of the dirt, and dust 
  3. Grab a mop and first wet the floor, then use soap/ hardwood solution on the surface, and wet the floor again to clean up the soap
  4. Use a towel to soak up all the leftover water

How to clean a closet: 


  1. Take absolutely everything out of it and organize the items in piles
  2. After taking all the stuff out, clean the floors by vacuuming/ sweeping
  3. Now that the closet is completely clean, you can start to put everything back and organize


How to clean a desk/ work space:


  1. Almost like the list above, start by taking everything off the desk (including the computer) by throwing unneeded papers and other trash away 
  2. Once everything is cleared off the area, spray the surface of the desk with a cleaner of your choice and wipe off all the dirt and dust
  3. If you have a trash can, change the bag inside 
  4. Don’t forget to briefly clean the floor around your area
  5. Put everything you need back on the desk


How to clean any messy room:

  • Pick up trash and clothes, etc. 
  • Fold and put away blankets that are on the floor
  • vacuum/ sweep the area
  • straighten/ tidy up anything that is out of place


It takes extra stress off your shoulders knowing you’re coming home to a clean house on a beautiful day; it is one less thing you have to worry about.