Spotlight: Wendy Robinson



Wendy Robinson (photo by Megan Robinson)

Megan Robinson, Staff Writer

Wendy Robinson (my mom) has had experience with college, and so she tells us her experience to be helpful to high school seniors this year.


Which college did you attend? 

  • The Ohio State University

What was the worst thing about it? 

  • Dealing with beginning level classes of over 250 students and learning how to teach myself.

What was the best part about it?

  • The freedom and finally feeling like an adult

How many hours did you study a day? 

  • It depended. Some days none, other days for several hours – it depended on what assignments/tests were coming up.

What were the professors like? 

  • The entry level professors were less interested in individual students, but the higher level professors were pretty good. They seemed truly interested in helping you to succeed.

Were you employed in college? If so, where? 

  • Yes, Plantland and then the Corps of Engineers

How many assignments did you have daily? 

  • On average, probably 3

If you could do it again, what different major would you choose? 

  • Yes, definitely. I would like to become an art teacher.

Was the grade worth all the work? 

  • Yes, getting a good grade in a college level class was very rewarding.

Why is a smaller class better than a bigger class? 

  • The professor has more time to spend with individual students and it is easier to ask questions.

When you first started college was it hard to make friends? 

  • No, everyone was pretty friendly. I also was going to school in the town where I grew up so I still had my old friends.

Did you go to a lot of parties? If so, how fun were they? 

  • I went to a few. They were mainly drinking, meat market parties – everyone there was drunk and looking to get lucky. Not really my cup of tea.

What was your favorite class? 

  • It has to be between the Psychology of Monkeys and Apes or Comparative Studies.

Do you regret going to college?

  • Absolutely not. Having that degree has opened a lot of doors career wise. A lot of jobs won’t even consider an applicant who doesn’t have a degree.