Spotlight: Molly Niese


Emily Wallner and Molly Niese on the last day of school in 2018. (Photo by Sydney Szabo.)

Emily Wallner, Staff Writer

Molly Niese is a high school science teacher at Madison-Plains. She has traveled many places and shares all of her experiences to further interest and educate the students. She is very well liked by students and coworkers for her kind and accepting personality. She goes above and beyond just teaching students.
Q: “What point in your life did you decide you wanted to have science as a part of your career and why?”

A: “It was probably in third grade, my elementary boyfriend actually inspired me to be a marine biologist. We went to the library everyday to read science books.”

Q: “What made you pick teaching high schoolers over any other career in the scientific field?”

A: “It was my first year of teaching that I fell in love with it. I didn’t intend on teaching, but it made me happy to get to know the students.”

Q: “Where did you further your education after high school?”

A: “I attended Ohio University for my bachelors in marine freshwater biology, and I got my masters in conservation biology at Miami University of Oxford.”

Q: “Where all have you traveled for your career?”

A: “I have traveled to Belize, India, and seventeen national parks. This summer, I plan on adding six more national parks as well as Africa.”

Q: “What is your favorite place you have traveled to and why?”

A: “I really enjoyed Belize because their connection to nature was very evident. Plus, I got to swim with sharks and sea turtles in the wild. One time while visiting Belize, I was stung by a jellyfish and a complete stranger that lived there wrapped my body in healing leaves to treat the sting.”

Q: “What is your favorite class you teach and why?”

A: “Biology because I am more interested in that material.”

Q: “If you were not a science teacher, what would you be?”

A: “Probably a bird watcher or a marine biologist.”

Q: “What are your hobbies when you are not teaching?”

A: “Birding, being outside, going to bookstores, reading, yoga, rock climbing, and traveling with my sister.”

Q: “ Which part of science do you find the most interesting?”

A: “How nature affects mental health.”

Q: “What do you like most about teaching?”

A: “The kids. I like to hear about their days and inspire them.”