Award-winning Rylee Davis


Rylee Davis (11) blocking the ball.

Sydnee White, Staff Writer

Rylee Davis is a junior at Madison-Plains High School and is 17 years old. She participates in varsity volleyball, varsity softball,varsity basketball, FCCLA, is secretary for junior class officers and an active member of the FFA. She has participated in volleyball for three years, softball for three years and basketball for three years. 


Davis had a great 2020 season. She was just recently awarded with Second Team OHC and First Team Central District. She was 5th in the league for hitting. 3rd in the league for kills, with 246 kills. 14th in the league for assists, with 19 assists. 3rd in the league for blocks, with 49 blocks. 1st in the league for aces, with 51 aces. 2nd in the league for digs, with 288 digs. 


Her freshman year, she was awarded with OHC Honorable Mention. Sophomore year she was awarded with the OHC Second Team and Honorable Mention Central District. To get these awards as a freshman and sophomore is outstanding.


Each player in our league that gets an award is picked by all the coaches, each coach votes for who they think deserves it the most and Davis got two. 


The awards that Davis earned this year, she deserved. “Rylee went after everyball, may have been a little of a ball hog, but she definitely deserved these awards.”  stated Teammate Morgan Rowe. 


Davis and most of her teammates believe that she had a good season. She was in the top five for aces, kills, digs and blocks. 


She was always ready to play and gave it her all when she did. Rowe stated, “ Rylee was always ready to play. Her attitude on the court was never bad; when someone would make a mistake she would cheer them on and tell them to shake it off. When she made a mistake, she would make it up with something else, not very often did she get down on herself or others.” 


Rowe believes that Davis benefited the team in many different ways, she would always go for the ball, she didn”t let too many balls drop. She was always smart when she was hitting, she would find the holes on the court and hit them. She was smart with her serving, and she always served to the weaker player in the back row. 


Davis was sad that the season is over, but her favorite part about the season was, “The final point in the game against Greenon when we knew we had just won the league two years in a row.” 


Davis is excited for next season but doesn’t know how well it will go. “Next season may be a little rough at first, after losing six experienced seniors, but I am excited to see what we will be able to do,” stated Davis. 


Hopefully next season Davis will be awarded with First Team, be in the top five again for digs, blocks, aces and kills and have a good season, maybe even win the league for the third year in a row.