Being one with our world- how Molly Neise plans on helping people do it


Molly Neise on her tip in India

Bryanna Dodds, Publishing Editor

Walking in the jungles of India, the sacred jungle, you do not take anything or disrespect the land. The land is for the Hindu gods and goddesses. This is sacred land and one does not take from the land. This is what it was like for Molly Niese on one of her school trips to India.


Niese is working her way to a Masters of Arts in Biology. She chose this degree to find a way to help with the environment in any way she can. Choosing Miami University to go to for first-hand experiences, alumni program, and to meet like-minded people that all come from different backgrounds. 

For Niese’s final project she is focusing on oneness with nature and having a deeper connection with it. She does this simply by having people sit and just watch and think about nature, Something she had been asked herself to do. 

She wants people to have a deeper connection with nature to “not want to plow it over” as Neise says. Or at the very least she wants to at least lower that wall the people have between themselves and nature.


Other studies have been done that have elements that Neise has, but none have been done the way she has conducted it. One that has been done by Phillp Payne and Brian Wattchow called, “Phenomenological Deconstruction, Slow Pedagogy, and the Corporeal Turn in Wild Environmental/Outdoor Education,” as well as a Swedish study that was about observing and investigating nature. 

Niese has also used her travels to aid in her wanting to help nature. She has been to Belize and India and hopes to be able to go to Africa next summer. 

In India, Niese met people who had very wholesome spirits. Seeing in the temples of them caring brooms to brush ants out of the way so they do not step on them. As well as the people being respectful to the land.


Seeing that people can care to do much for the earth drove her to want to make a difference even more.


In Belize, she had more experiences and more hands-on than her time in India. Though it was a lot of sitting and watching it was something that she will take with her forever. 


Saying her studies in countries, not as fortunate as we are here in the United States, “absolutely impacted” her. Consequently, she would love to see more people care about the environment as she says these people in these countries. Along with a simple wish, that “more people knew where their food came from and what went into making it.”


Molly Neise overall is a very curious person and wishes for more people to go outside and see nature for what it is. Moreover, she hopes to make her own impact in any way she can and “plant some seeds into the minds of people.”