Mr. Lawrence and Mrs. Hostetler’s story


Picture of Mr. Lawrence and Mrs. Hostetler (photo by Megan Robinson)

Megan Robinson, Staff Writer

During the time of COVID-19 we all have been through a lot, but both band teachers of Madison-Plains High School have been through an unforgettable experience in this new reality. 


Throughout summer break of the year 2020, marching band started in mid July. At the same time, Hostetler had become a mother, so Lawrence took over as director of the band temporarily when she was gone. 


Of course, with Lawrence being the director, there are challenges that he has not dealt with before, like, making all of the decisions and deciding what’s best for everyone, keeping students socially distant and making sure they are doing as they’re told. 


For Lawrence, everything changed and became more challenging than ever before. “The most difficult part would be accounting for all the changes and adjusting to a different role.”


Although Lawrence is the temporary head leader of the organization, he did have help from parents who provided food everyday for the students, and he had help from Madison- Plains graduates (Derek Richardson and Auburn Pierce) that used to be in band who helped the students by giving them tips on marching. 


Being a teacher is already stressful enough, but with COVID- 19 added, it has only made things more frustrating. “Keeping students socially distanced and not being able to do band like usual have been difficult during these times,” Hostetler says. 


For a couple hours, Lawrence and Hostetler have been communicating through phone after every practice. Lawrence would inform her about the things that need to improve and what needs to be done, along with the positive things that are happening throughout the practice day.


Through the practice days, Hostetler has unfortunately not been able to attend and feels as though she has missed out on most of the good times. In her own words, “It was hard not being able to be a part of the memories being made, the silly moments and to watch the seniors work with the other band members.” 


The point of view for Lawrence has changed drastically and tells us what it was like being the head director for most of the band season. “It was more nerve wracking in the beginning. It had a lot of ups and downs through practices and had many changes when school started.”


Although there were countless things happening during the season, there are some advantages to it. “I was able to make mistakes and be forgiven for it more often, and had the ability to make quicker decisions when needed,” says Lawrence.


In Lawrence’s own words, “I did have faith in myself, but for the most part, I faked it ‘til I made it. And now with Mrs. Hostetler being back, I miss being the leader. But, I am glad that routines are back in place.”


Now that Hostetler is back, she is ecstatic about finally being able to join the band once again. “I am very happy to be back and look forward to seeing how we can make music for the rest of the school year.”