How running makes you a better person


Robert Carroll running a 100 miler

Chloe Kirk, Art and Entertainment Editor

Robert Carroll is surrounded by brown trees in the middle of fall. He’s running at a quick pace trying to get to the end of the 100 miler.


Carroll is a junior high and high school art teacher who loves to run marathons. One of his favorites are ultra-marathons. 


Ultra-marathons are basically an extended marathon. 


“I started running because I wanted to stay fit, so that I could always go and do stuff with my kids,” Carroll states as he sits at his computer typing. 


“I started running- almost 18 years ago. I believed then, and believe more everyday, that if I can run 100 miles there is absolutely nothing I can’t do.” 


Running is different for a lot of people. Carroll does it because he believed everyone should try their best and push beyond all of their limits.


“I push myself beyond my limits, what I mean is, ultrarunning is all about redefining your limits. Push yourself 100%, right where you thought your limits were, and then keep pushing,” Carroll says in response to being asked how hard he pushes himself.


He states that he typically runs 40-45 miles per week. 


When running different courses, like an ultra-marathon, he runs about 26.2 miles more than an ordinary marathon, which is basically two marathons put together. 

Carroll running with his family


Carroll loves running with his family, “… now that my kids are older, it is definitely something I’ve considered.” Carroll says in response to being asked if he did it for a specific cause. 

He does multiple different runs, for example he does 50k, 50 mile, 100k, and 100 miles. “…There are also fixed time races…I LOVE 24-hour trail races.” 


Carroll always pushes himself to do more and more. Take the 24-hour trail race for example, 24-hour races are just like its title, you run for 24 hours along with taking breaks in between running.


50k’s are 31 miles, 50 miles are in its title. 100k’s takes 10-15 hours for most people to finish it, they’re 62ish miles long. 100 miles is also in its title. 24-hour runs are from 124-168 miles long. 


Carroll takes his family on runs with him, one of his family members, his son Xander, has things to say about his father’s running.


I would say that his running does affect our relationship. Many children primarily view their parents as strictly parents; however, me and my father’s relationship is more comparable to that of friends.” 


Xander and Carroll have a very good relationship due to his father’s running. Running is believed to relieve stress and tension–that clearly shows here.


Xander says that he wants to follow in his father’s footsteps of being an amazing human being and just a great role model to many people.


“While I do not have a desire to be a runner, we do many other activities together. From swimming, to tennis, to playing board games, we love to spend the time together doing something we enjoy.” 


He and Carroll do many activities together due to the fact that Carroll runs which in time, if you keep doing it over and over, will give you more energy and more stamina for physical activities. 


Running will make you healthier and happier in the long run.